Mentoring for Piano Teachers

Coming to piano teaching later as a second career, I am passionate about professional development and have personal experience of the need for high-quality, personally-tailored advice for piano teachers. I have worked with teachers who are just starting out, as well as more experienced teachers looking to further develop their own skills. 

With over 15 years of full-time piano teaching experience I have taught in a variety of contexts and understand that ways of working and personal circumstances vary hugely. At times, I have been teaching group piano lessons in underprivileged schools on some days, and hour-long lessons on beautiful grand pianos with advanced students on others. I have worked as the Music Co-ordinator at a primary school, delivering Key Stage 1 & 2 class music lessons, as well as peripatetic music lessons on piano and woodwind. Different pupils and situations require different approaches, and not all circumstances are ideal. Together we can explore the possibilities of any situation to ensure quality learning takes place. 

I am ready to advise on matters such as studio policy and contracts, as well as choice of tutor books, repertoire, examinations etc. During mentoring sessions, we can explore any issues with musical understanding or technique, and I can provide suggestions for further reading. We will also discuss your Continuing Professional Development as a teacher, including any relevant courses you might benefit from, the possibility of studying for a diploma, and membership of professional organisations such as EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association).

I have a Masters Degree in Education (with Distinction) from the University of Southampton, and a dipABRSM (with Disctinction) in Piano Teaching. I have also written guest posts for Practising the Piano and Piano Dao, and been a guest lecturer for The Piano Teachers’ Course. I also write the Piano Breakout blog.

Throughout mentoring sessions, you will be encouraged to begin developing a flexible teaching approach that will grow with you and meet the needs of your own working situation. Sessions can take place in person, via Zoom/Facetime/Skype or telephone, with additional support between sessions via e-mail.

"I have taught for many years but not always had the confidence to try new things, such as (for example) a more modern approach for my students, nor perhaps the knowledge behind how to implement them properly. Katrina has helped immensely in giving me that confidence in not only learning about them myself, but also how to transfer them to my students. As much as she is knowledgeable, she is caring, friendly and extremely generous in sharing her expertise, which has been both refreshing and very motivating. Her zeal to help you understand and her kindness in sharing her knowledge is second to none! 

For me it has felt like she really understands how I feel and has walked in similar shoes to me in the past, and yet on the other hand with her encouraging ways and knowledge, it is also comforting to know she is able to help steer my teaching in a direction I want and motivate me to achieve higher goals. Katrina is now even helping me finish a teaching qualification, as her motivation and drive really encourages you to keep going!"

Beth Edmunds