My lessons

Developing the whole musician

All-round musicianship

There is more to playing the piano than pressing the right keys in the right order. Technique is developed from the earliest stages in terms of its expressive effect, and pupils are taught to play fluently and enjoyably, as well as learning to read notation. Communication through music, and having fun, is at the heart of every lesson.


A word about exams....

My goal is to inspire a love of playing the piano that will last a lifetime. Exploring music, learning to practise effectively and enjoyably, improvising and composing are all part of this. Many pupils (adults as well as children) like to take exams along the way, to give something to work towards and a sense of achievement. I regularly enter pupils for examinations and have a 100% pass rate. However, jumping from grade to grade does not allow the time and space for exploring all music has to offer, and often leads to frustration and a lack of enjoyment.


Will I be able to learn the piano?

Everyone can succeed.

We all have musical potential - it is part of human nature. Piano lessons with me will develop your own individual musicality. It doesn't matter whether you are 6 or 86, everyone is able to succeed and enjoy playing piano. Whether you have a child who is brand new to piano, or are an adult who regrets not persevering with lessons as a child, we will work together to find an approach that develops the skills and abilities that are important to you.